Downtube Folding Bikes
Front Suspension 8 and 9 speed

The Downtube Front Suspension is the ideal personal transport for modern life. Flexible enough to accommodate riders large or small, (though those over 6'1 should consider the even larger Full Suspension) you can share it with the missus, or lend it to your shorter or taller friends. It rides like a big bike, but it has a small bike attitude, folding small enough to fit under your desk, in your cupboard, in the back of your car, or even on the underground, but the well chosen gears mean you won’t be embarrassed when you encounter “normal” bikes out on the road. The front suspension soaks up the worst of the bumps, and with a rack and a rear mudguard installed, it comes ready to commute. There's even a choice of gears; 9 speed derailleurs for the price conscious, and 8 speed hub gears for those who want something water resistant and maintenance free.

If you need cycling to be part of your lifestyle, whether it’s because of personal convictions (either ecological, or maybe even criminal, for those with driving bans!), to avoid the congestion charge, or to reduce your petrol bills, the Downtube Front Suspension gives you fantastic flexibility. If you want the health benefits of cycle commuting, but live too far from the office, the Front Suspension will fold up so that it’s allowed on even the busiest trains, and once you get to the other end, it’s the work of moments to unfold and hit the road.

9 (derailleur) £379
8H (hub gear) £440
(prices include shipping customs duty/import tax)

Folded size - 30 x 60 x 81 cm

(that’s bigger than a pizza box,
but much smaller than a Smart Car)

Also available is this carry bag, which has straps for use either as a shoulderbag or a backpack. This makes your bike easier to carry, protects items around it from the chain oil, and makes it easier to carry the bike into locations like offices where a bike might otherwise be unnacceptable. The bag folds and can be attached to the saddle for easier carrying. Due to the high cost of shipping, we can currently only offer this bag as an extra with a bike order, for £30. When you reach the main payment page, you will find options to order your bike with or without the bag. No extra shipping will be charged if you do order a bag, and it will arrive packed in with your bike.

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  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Folding time: 10 sec
  • Rider Height: 4'9"-6'2"
  • Rider Weight: 225lb max
  • Frame: Xtra light Aluminum frame
  • Fork: Zoom fork
  • Saddle: Gel comfort saddle
  • Seat post: Kalin 500mm Aluminum seat post
  • Brakes: Aluminum V brakes with strong springs
  • Brake Levers: Aluminum Brake levers
  • Front wheel: Quando disc compatible 24H QR hub w/Orlox V rim
  • Rear Wheel: Quando 28H QR cassette hub w/Orlox V rim
  • Tires: Kenda 20x1.5" front and 20x1.75" rear
  • Shifters (9): Sun Race 9sp with carbon fiber look
  • Cassette (9): Sun Race 9sp 11-32
  • Rear Hub and Shifter (8H): Sturmey Archer XRF8
  • Derailleur: Sun Race M90 9sp with carbon fiber look
  • Cranks: cold forged aluminum 170mm 48T with chain guard
  • Chain: KMC
  • Pedals: Folding right and left